In Saariselkä the mesmerizing peace of the wilderness is always only a few steps away.
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  • 1 day
  • English, Finnish
  • Winter
  • Arctic Flavours, Sweat & Adrenaline, Wellbeing & Nature

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  • enjoy pure lappish flavors and magnificent views


Saariselkä features beautiful fells, the Urho Kekkonen National Park, captive arctic nature and a plethora of outdoor activities in a magnificent setting. Saariselkä is a very popular resort located 30 kilometers south of Ivalo.

You’ll be accommodating in the Star Arctic Hotel in Saariselkä, 270 km north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland, where the northernmost ski resort of Europe is also located. The Star Arctic connects you with the beauty of Lapland: the pure magical nature, clean environment and authentic local culture. There is an excellent transportation network in the area and at the same time you'll be in the heart of the Arctic. Here you'll find pure and untouched nature and beautiful landscapes. 

The Star Arctic Hotel is located on the top of the “Beauty Hill” of Saariselkä, which is the highest location in the entire region. From inside the hotel you can experience the full view of Saariselkä as well as the beautiful arctic landscapes. All Scenic view Suites are equipped with large glass windows facing the beautiful views. Here you can enjoy the combination of gorgeous scenery, modern architecture and simple elegance. 

Enjoy pure Lappish flavors and magnificent views

You'll enjoy dinner at the Star Arctic Hotel’s restaurant which uses high-quality ingredients and serves casually elegant food. The menu combines the purest delicious flavors of Lapland. The fish is caught from the Inari Lake nearby and the reindeer meat comes directly from the traditional Sami reindeer breeders. The menu has been originally crafted by Finnish Michelin Star Chef Jouni Toivanen. You can try for example pike soup, king crab ice cream and caviar or reindeer tartar. And while you are dining the gorgeous fell views open in front of you. 

The restaurant also serves traditional soup delicatessens every day starting from 11 am. 

The Star Arctic Hotel connects you with the beauty of Lapland

The design of the hotel exterior blends harmoniously with the natural surroundings. From inside the hotel and from your room you are able to experience the full view of Saariselkä and also there's a good chance to admire the Northern Lights.

Star Arctic Hotel is a certificated environment friendly company.