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“One thing I love in Helsinki is the gorgeous shoreline. On a beautiful day I might start the weekend with a colorful and plentiful brunch at Sandro in Eira and afterwards stroll by the sea in Kaivopuisto admiring the views and the architecture."
  • 5 activities
  • 2 days
  • Available on April 1st to Oct 31st and without the Redrib experience throughout the year
  • English, Finnish
  • Helsinki Metropolitan Area
  • Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
  • Arctic Flavours, Like a Local, Nordic Urban, Short & Sweet, Sweat & Adrenaline

Includes 5 activities

  • ride the waves on the redrib experience
  • sweet relaxation at the allas sea pool
  • visit to the land of chocolate, the fazer experience center
  • experience weegee, a museum, exhibition and event hub in espoo
  • dinner at restaurant juuri, helsinki


Start your day at the number one breakfast hot spot in Helsinki, Kuuma (the name literally means hot). Kuuma is an urban living room in the heart of the Punavuori district and their avocado toast is very likely the most Instagrammable portion in town. You’ll find Kuuma at Albertinkatu 6.

After a tasty and nourishing kick start to the day and a refreshing stroll by the sea shore, it’s time to head towards the Market Square for an adrenaline filled adventure ride!

Ride the waves on the Redrib Experience

Redrib Helsinki Experience I

The Redrib Experience takes you on an exquisite adventure on the sea and the archipelago of Helsinki. If you are hungry for speed, choose the high-speed offshore ride, which combines adventure and thrill with maximum protection and safety. You will fly on the waves like a Tornado, which is also the name of the adventure boat.  And if relaxed and scenic is more your thing, go for the sunny inshore cruise.

This experience will show you the beautiful pearls and interesting hotspots along the coastline of Helsinki. The departure is from the Market Square right in the center of Helsinki. We will cruise past the Allas sauna and pools, a perfect oasis for relaxation. We will also see the carpet washers at Mattolaituri (both a panoramic café & bar and the actual place where the locals come and wash their cotton carpets each spring and summer). We’ll see Löyly, a combination of an urban oasis, award-winning architecture, green construction, terraces and saunas. All this right by the waterfront.

After this it’s time to turn of the speed and throttle towards Suomenlinna, a fascinating and unique seaside fortress and an island which exudes the vibes of military history. 

On the route are also the massive and award-winning Light Art Installation Silo 648 and the impressive and gigantic ice breakers which spend their well-earned summer holiday in Helsinki. The tour culminates with a visit outside the urban pop-up sauna Sompasauna, run by Helsinki activists and open to anybody. But beware, there’s a slight naked human alert!

" It’s a mixture of exhilarating speed, flying on the waves, the sense of wonderful freedom and pure joy, the fresh seaside air and spectacular views of Helsinki’s archipelago. "

Sweet relaxation at the Allas Sea Pool

Let the relaxing heat of the sauna and the energizing swim do their magic!

After an adrenaline filled adventure ride it’s time to pamper your body and soul at Allas. Allas Sea Pool is a gardenlike retreat in the heart of Helsinki with a large pool area and high-quality saunas. Allas Sea Pool offers swimming, bathing, wellness and also delicious food.

After some perfect relaxation you must be getting hungry? Eating is both fun and an essential part of urban culture. The Allas Bistro offers delicious tastes with a modern twist. The Bistro is open from lunch time until late evening. Enjoy your dinner and cocktails with a stunning seaside view!



Accommodation at the elegant Hotel Kämp

Hotel Kämp is an unforgettable and elegant experience for all senses right by the Esplanadi park in the center of Helsinki. Hotel Kämp is like a celebrity in the Finnish hotel scene: very-well known and both envied and admired for its fame and success. Kämp is a hotel for quality-driven, international and cultivated customers. Hotel Kämp is all about lifestyle: here you can always expect to receive the very best. Kämp exudes vibes of a rich and prestigious past, combined with modern luxuries.

When you come up to the hotel, the doorman will greet you with his top hat. Hotel Kämp contains 179 rooms, ranging from a Deluxe room to the prestigious Mannerheim Suite, with a floor space of 258 m2. Spacious and stylish, very much so.

Hotel Kämp Brasserie offers both a beautiful view to the Esplanadi park and elegant and delightful moments. The iconic Kämp Bar, located right in the core of the vibrant city, has been the meeting point for local and travelers alike since 1887. The atmosphere of the bar is highly international and elegant. The bar, being true to its style, has a table service. The cocktail menu with its old classics and modern drinks and the extensive wine selection will impress and delight you for sure.


Experience Fazer, the iconic Finnish chocolate brand in a unique and inspiring way with all your five senses!

Visit to the Land of Chocolate, the Fazer Experience Center

You can reach the Experience Center in Vantaa either by public transportation (you can find the timetables and routes in the tour guide) or by taxi.

The guided tour presents Fazer’s operations, impressive history, fascinating stories, wide product assortment and bold innovations. At the exhibition, you can look, listen, taste, smell and try! Each visitor will get a delicious takeaway bag. After the one-hour-long tour you’ll have a chance to shop treats at the Fazer Shop.

Taste sensations at Fazer Café

Enjoy a nourishing and colorful lunch at the Fazer Café. They serve a delicious lunch, coffee and pastries. After the invigorating lunch it’s time to head back to Helsinki city center. 



Experience WeeGee, a museum, exhibition and event hub in Espoo

Wee Gee is a cultural meeting place in Espoo, which is a city right next to Helsinki. The WeeGee Exhibition Centre is situated in Tapiola, in the former Weilin & Göös printing house designed by the legendary Finnish architect Professor Aarno Ruusuvuori (1925–1992). You can easily reach Tapiola with the new orange West-metro: hop aboard in the Helsinki city center and get off at Tapiola. Weegee is a short walk away from the metro stop.

WeeGee houses four museums: Museum of the year 2018 EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, KAMU – Espoo City Museum, the Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä and the Finnish Museum of Horology. WeeGee also houses the EMMA shop and a café and restaurant Café WeeGee. In the yard is the Futuro house, designed by architect Matti Suuronen, which is open to the public from May to September. 


Dinner at Restaurant Juuri, Helsinki

The specialty of Juuri is Sapas, bite-sized tastes that draw their influence from local food tradition. Sapas are small, uncomplicated portions. We recommend that you order several of them at the same time.


" Juuri is made of authentic flavors, wanton passion, wild herbs, crazy ideas, love for artisan produce and incredible skill. "



Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Ride the waves on the Redrib Experience

Sweet relaxation at the Allas Sea Pool


Visit to the Land of Chocolate, the Fazer Experience Center

Experience WeeGee, a museum, exhibition and event hub in Espoo

Dinner at Restaurant Juuri, Helsinki


Katri from the Now/here team