The Finnish winter offers various gorgeous nature activities.

Skiing (downhill & cross-country), snowboarding, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice fishing, tour skating on natural ice and dipping into the frozen lake from a steaming sauna. The Finnish winter offers various gorgeous activities in the nature and an endorphin rush is guaranteed in many of them. Winter in Finland spans from December to March and in Northern Finland to May. Southern Finland might get proper winter only in February, but there’s often plenty of snow on the skiing slopes in Lapland. The prime skiing season in Lapland extends from February to May.  

How cold does it get? Well, it can get cold, down to minus 30 degrees Celsius (that’s super cold even for the Finns), but with the right warm winter wear you can enjoy the winter wonderland to the fullest. In the coldest months of winter temperatures normally average from -20 to -3 degrees Celcius. When you visit Finland and especially Lapland during the winter months, take your warmest jacket, long johns, beanie, scarf and mittens with you. If you’ll be participating in a winter activity such as snowmobiling or ice floating, we’ll of course provide you with all the necessary gear.   
After a day of adrenaline filled winter fun activities, what would hit the spot better than a refreshing icy dip? A heavenly combo is a steaming hot sauna and then midst of the bathing a plunge into the freezing cold lake. Afterwards you’ll feel more alive than you’ve ever felt before, that’s a promise. For a short time, it feels like there’s a thousand small needles tingling on your skin and after that you’ll feel both purified and purely magical. All you need is a pinch of courage and a personal motivational sentence and you’re ready for some serious ice swimming. Well, it’s more like dipping because you must be quite a brave heart to stay there for more than a few seconds. And note, that it’s not recommended to dip your head into the water.   
In winter you can also go aurora hunting, sleep under the aurora sky in a glass roofed igloo, celebrate Christmas in Finland and enjoy the atmospheric and beautiful polar night by curling up in front of the fireplace in a log cabin in your woolen socks with a steaming cup of mulled wine.