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What to wear in Finland? Our compact Arctic clothing guide.

What to wear in Finland, in the arctic land of snow, frost and several months of winter? Crab our compact clothing advice and you’ll be prepared for anything pouring down from the sky. 

Layers, layers, layers. That’s the key in winter clothing. Bring your long johns, mittens, warm hat, woolly, woolen socks, and a thick coat preferably made of down. Winters in Finland and especially in Lapland can be cold, really cold even. The weather depends on where and when you visit. From December to February the temperatures vary between - 16 and - 3 degrees Celsius and in can get as cold as - 30 degrees! Prior to your departure you can check the weather forecast for example from the Finnish Meteorological Institute or Foreca.

In Finland we say that weather is a matter of clothing so there’s really no such things as bad weather. At least that’s what we tell ourselves when it’s raining icy rain in strong horizontal foul wind. But no, you really can enjoy all the seasons fully when you are properly dressed and geared up. And the pretty white winter wonderland with snow is exactly the thing that many are looking for in Finland.

As concrete tips, thermal underwear and clothing made of a silk and wool mixture are very good, pleasant and warm as the under layer. Fleece is also comfy and warm as the next layer.  And remember to keep your feet, neck and head warm with woolen socks, a thick scarf and a proper winter hat. Check that there is no skin showing in between your pants and jacket or jacket and gloves, because otherwise you might wake up with a flu the following morning.

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Renting your equipment Many winter activity organizers offer a wide selection of outdoor equipment for rent, for example for snowmobiling, snowshoeing and skiing. This way you don’t need to pack the thick and space consuming winter clothing in your suitcase. You can come as you are, and you’ll receive all the necessary and well-maintained equipment. But still, when you travel to Finland in the winter, take your warm clothing with you, since you’ll want to admire the wintry landscapes after and in between the activities as well.

Style-wise, common go to colors in Finland are black and dark blue, dark shades in general. But the street style in Finland and for example in Helsinki is quite interesting and diverse. Many like to spice their style with spots of color and distinctive and original details. If you are interested in in Finnish fashion, be sure to visit for example the Marimekko, Samuji, Minna Parikka and Iivana Helsinki shops in Helsinki. And to admire the street style, crab a coffee and sit down for example at one the cafés at the Esplanadi and let your eyes wander on the people passing by. Check out also Hel Looks!