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Sustainability is at the core of Now/here. Read about our sustainability guidelines and concrete actions. 

Explore with respect and love is our kind request for everyone who comes to discover beautiful Finland. One of our most gorgeous assets is our pure Arctic nature and the mesmerizing wilderness. Lapland in the North of Finland has the cleanest air in the entire world and we want to offer the experience of breathing in the crystal-clear air both to you and to our kids and their kids. Forests and lakes with lush berries, superfoods, game and many delicious fish are our horn of plenty and national pride. Living in harmonious co-existence with the environment also includes respecting the local people and their ways and customs.

Sustainable travel is dedicated to having a positive impact on nature, society and the economy.  Next, we’ll look more closely into how you can be sustainable by choosing Now/here and when travelling around in Finland. 

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All the beautiful Now/here experiences are handpicked, authentic and sustainable

We have met up with all the activity organizers and companies in person. Whether it is a snowshoeing company in Rovaniemi or an ice climbing organizer in Pyhä, we have been there, sat down with them, had a good and thorough discussion and made sure that our values and sustainability requirements have been met.

Also, in our exquisite product selection we want to offer you new and innovative ways to experience the Arctic and one of these is the eSled – electric snowmobile safari. The eSled is a sustainable and emission-free way of experiencing the purity and silence of the Lappish nature.

We have a wide selection of products, where you can explore and enjoy the Finnish nature slowly and sustainably through hiking, snowshoeing, wilderness skiing and berry picking, to name a few examples. Our experience repertory also includes products, where you can go and visit a local Lappish home and learn about age-old customs and handicraft traditions. Sustainable travel includes the important dimension of being open to and connecting with other cultures and local communities. In the Inari-Saariselkä region in the very North of Finland you can familiarize yourself with the authentic Sami culture and way of life.


Fly responsibly

Now/here is powered by Finnair, the flag carrier of Finland. Finnair takes continuous steps towards sustainability.

•    Modern fleet: Finnair’s fleet is modern and fuel-efficient, which makes air travel more sustainable. Over half of the long-haul fleet consists of modern Airbus A350s, which are approximately 25 % more fuel-efficient than the previous models. Flying with a modern fleet is also a key factor in reducing noise levels. 

•    Direct route from Helsinki to Asia: Finnair’s home base is Helsinki and thanks to the Nordic location Finnair is able to take the short and direct route between Europe and Asia and thus consume less fuel. 

•    Cutting down carbon dioxide emissions

Finnair also pays special attention to minimizing the empty weight of the aircraft by using lightweight materials and new technology.


Local produce: fresh, pure and yummy

Don’t you just love it when the best choices are also the most delicious ones. This certainly applies to Finnish culinary treats. Finnish food is seasonal, pure and very nutritious. We have a plethora of super healthy berries, tasty root vegetables, addictive sweet peas, game meet which will melt in your mouth when slowly stewed, rich apple pie made of crisp autumn apples and then rye bred of course, to mention just a few. Enjoy the fresh and seasonal local ingredients while in Finland – your tummy, heart and the environment will thank you.

You can also try zero-waste restaurants, such as Nolla (Zero) in Helsinki, which in fact was the very first zero-waste restaurant in the Nordic countries. Nolla has cut all waste out of its processes. 


Slow travel while exploring the local surroundings

Instead of a car, you should opt for a bike when exploring the sights near-by. Helsinki has a great and comprehensive system of yellow city bikes which you can ride also to Espoo to discover the gems of the coastal capital area. Also, bicycling along the Archipelago Ring Route is a scenic and unique experience, unlike anything you’ve done before. You can also bike up the fells in Lapland and get a workout and a visual spectacle all in one. 


Recycle, reuse and opt for eco-fashion

Recycling is important for Finns and Finland has been recycling both glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans for a long time. Now many households recycle plastic as well. The culture of recycling is strong. In Helsinki we have a recycling carnival called Cleaning Day which takes the streets twice a year: during the event neighborhoods, pavements and parks turn into one big giant flee market where you can make interesting discoveries from clothing to books and household appliances and to, well anything really. You can come and make great finds or sell your own second-hand items. 

You can contribute to the environmental cause for example by bringing your own fabric shopping bag to the shops, by buying and consuming what you need and by choosing products with an eco-label. And of course, by taking all the plastic and paper wraps with you when you’re spending a day in the nature. 

And, when it comes to eco-fashion, there are interesting and original companies that you should have a look at: the innovative Pure Waste makes 100 % recycled clothing from textile waste; the sustainable design house Globe Hope makes bags and accessories out of abandoned materials; and MUKA VA – pure, not boring – produces clothing for women and children made completely of natural fibers. 

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