Summer Fun under the Midnight Sun  

What is the one best thing about the Finnish summer? Impossible to say really, because summer in Finland offers so many sweet treats and stunning surprises. The tasty sugar peas and lush strawberries, biking in the city center at midnight when it is fully bright outside, skinny dipping in the clear lakes, magical midsummer traditions, original and a bit quirky events all over the country and experiencing the local way of life in a cozy Finnish summer house right by the water. We Finns are passionate about summer. It’s short, but we do our very best to make it as sweet as possible.

A magical phenomenon with the Finnish summer is that the sun doesn’t set beneath the horizon. So, in Lapland, in northern Finland, one summer day goes on and on, for over two months. Such a bright bliss and wonder. Finland really is the Land of the Midnight Sun. It’s purely magical to see everything around you bathe in this beautiful bright light.  

In the summer months, from June to August, the market places in cities and villages big and small really come to life. Go and explore the different stands and discover delicious fresh treats such as berries, vegies and warm baked goods from the Eastern parts of Finland as well as handicrafts. When in Helsinki, start the day with a coffee and a sweet pastry at the Market Square by the South Harbor.

Temperature-wise, be prepared for anything – well, almost anything. The temperature can rise above 30 degrees Celsius and at lowest it can be, well, a bit chilly and very refreshing. Typically, the warm summer weather starts from Midsummer at the end of June. Until then, the Finnish sauna, humor, hospitality and broad & quirky event selection (covering everything from a heavy metal festival to the Air Guitar World Championships) will keep you warm.