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New Nordic Premium

It isn't about bling bling anymore. We are re-defining luxury, and it means peace, feeling good and time for yourself and with your darling ones. 

The New Nordic Premium offers those precious moments which create profound relaxation and joy. The new luxury means harmony, balance, a feeling of peace and wellbeing. New luxury is about unforgettable experiences and about enjoying life at its best, pampering, beauty, art and culture.

You can experience this for instance in urban retreats, in the spas of the luxury hotels in Helsinki. And alike, you can experience a tranquilizing retreat in a private cabin in the wilderness. The new luxury can also be a gorgeous sunset shared with your loved one on a small island in the Helsinki archipelago. It is just the two of you, the waves of the mighty sea hitting against the rocks, the sunset coloring the sky with gorgeous shades of orange, pink and purple.