Lantern Park_Otso Kahonen

Lux Helsinki Light Festival Illuminates Helsinki

The Lux Helsinki Festival brightens up the capital with a wide spectrum of skilled and fascinating light installations in the beginning of January.


The Lux Helsinki festival portrays public spaces and iconic monuments in a new light as well as brings international masterworks of light art to Helsinki. In the beginning of 2019 the gleaming works included for example the video art installation Moonlight which created a magical and nocturnal ambience over the Kansalaistori Square; the atmospheric Lantern Park with its hundreds of individual lanterns which create an impressive installation when they are put together and third the illuminated façade of the Finlandia Hall which was transformed into flowing water by a light and sound installation.

You can of course go and see just a few works, but we’d suggest you walk the whole route to get the full brilliant experience. The route has a carefully designed dramaturgy, so it definitely pays off to do it from start to finish. In 2019 the festival route started from the Kansalaistori Square and proceeded towards the beautiful district of Etu-Töölö. The light installations are displayed non-stop from afternoon until around 10 pm. The festival has grown and expanded during the years and in 2019 the event also included luminous satellite installations in Espoo, the city right next to Helsinki in the west. 

Lux Helsinki_Pendulum

And to provide treats for the palate as well, the Lux Helsinki Eat event offers portions and menus from the most sparkling restaurants of the city in three price categories. Tickle your taste buds with delicious treats amid admiring the light art.  

Lux Helsinki is free of charge and it is accessible for persons with reduced mobility. The program for the next Lux Helsinki is normally published in the end of the previous year. And once you come and attend the gorgeous light experience, remember to wear good shoes and warm enough winter clothing.