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Like a Local

Take a deep dive into the Nordic culture and lifestyle.

You must be a bit out of the ordinary to live at the arctic circle. We go ice swimming in the frozen lake, spend hours in saunas, love to sleep in wooden cabins in the middle of the forest, drink a lot of coffee and eat this squeaky cheese and salty licorice as our national treats.

Dive into the local way of life: while in Helsinki, start your day at the number one breakfast hot spot Kuuma (the name literally means hot). Kuuma is an urban living room in the heart of the Punavuori district and their avocado toast is very likely the most Instagrammable portion in town.

After a tasty and nourishing kick start to the day and a long stroll by the sea shore, head towards the public sauna (either Löyly or Allas Sea Pool). Let the heat of the sauna and the dip to the refreshing (read: icy, when it’s the beginning of the summer / spring / autumn / winter) sea make you an entirely new person. The ice hole experience is both terrible and purely fantastic at the same time.

The Like a local To dos also include for example riding the orange subway to the east and west (correct, there are only two directions in the Helsinki metro), biking around with the yellow city bikes, having a cup of coffee at the Kahvisiskot (Coffee Sisters) tent at the Hakaniemi Market Square and visiting one of the green and peaceful islands right by Helsinki.