Finnish Lapland derives its strength and allure from the pure and mighty nature, the polar night and the midnight sun, mesmerizing magic and creative madness.

In Lapland you breathe in the purest air in the entire world.

Did you know that Lapland is the cleanest corner of Europe? In Lapland you’ll breathe the clearest air and enjoy the cleanest wild food from game and fish to mushrooms and berries. And did you know that Lapland offers not four but eight unique seasons? They are frosty winter, crusty snow, departure of ice, midnight sun, harvest season, colorful autumn, first snow and Christmas. Lapland offers experiences and gems you’ll cherish for life. In Lapland you breathe deeper and think clearer. Feel the fierceness.    
The beautiful and rugged wilderness of the Lappish nature: clean fishing waters, fells, crystal clear streams, countless lakes, swamps and berry hummocks. Altogether eight beautiful national parks with well-kept routes and wilderness huts which are open for everyone. A way of life that deeply respects and cherishes the arctic nature.  
Lapland is full of contrasts and one powerful contrast is the strong difference between the deepest winter and the sweetest summer. The fascinating Polar Night begins in November and lasts for two months: during that time the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. The beautiful shades of the polar night include light blue, blue, violet, grey and of course the whiteness of the snow banks. The opposite of the polar night is the Midnight Sun, Finnish nature’s amazing festival of sunlight 24 hours a day during the middle of the summer.  Read more about seasons in Finland.
The mystical power of Lapland makes you feel both sensitive and extremely strong at the same time. The arctic refreshes and calms you down. Lapland is not only a destination, it is a state of mind: once you have experienced it you’ll never feel quite the same again. It is a combination of being one with the nature and sensing the infinite spaciousness. Lapland is about silence, strength and tangible freedom. 
And then there is the creative madness! To have survived the arctic climate full of extremes the Lappish people have needed to be creative, inventive, persistent and most importantly, to have had an excellent sense of humor. Qualities that are very much live and strong today, each day. You’ll get a good glimpse of the Lappish mental landscape by looking at some events actually taking place in Lapland. There is Liquor Store skiing, Reindeer Sprint Race, Nothing Happening Here Week, Bucket Head Festival, Paper Boat Rowing Competition, Cloudberry Festival, the Arctic Ice Marathon, Ice Golf and the Arctic Design Week. Only in Lapland. Ready, steady, let’s go!  

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