Roy and Sue

Influencers Roy and Sue: Nature is the Finnish Supermarket

Meet Roy and Sue, a super happy couple from China who are traveling, singing, taking pictures and telling stories.

Roy and Sue are now living around the world and want to embrace hundreds of different kinds of life. Roy and Sue visited Finland and want to share their findings and highlights. 

1. What was the weirdest thing you experienced in Finland? 
Contrary to ordinary people, Finns love mosquitoes very much. Mosquitoes are very important to them and they are even used in logos.

2. What is the most touching thing?
It was following local artists into the forest to pick blueberries. The artists love Finland's nature very much. They shared with us that in Finland they have this thing called everyone's rights, that is, natural resources are shared for everyone, and everyone can go into nature to collect raspberries and other nature’s treats for their own use. Nature is the Finnish supermarket. When we were about to leave, the artist took us to bow deeply in the forest and thanked Mother Nature for her gift to us. This kind of life philosophy of mutual respect and harmonious coexistence between man and nature enables us to rethink our lives in the iron and steel jungle city for a long time.

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3. How did Finland make you feel?
Before I came to visit Finland, I thought that Finns were very indifferent and would not talk to you. But after staying here for a while, I found that when you need help or chat with them, Finns are also very warm and friendly.

4. What did you think of Finland?
We liked it very much. It's a country where people live comfortably, have high self-respect and protect the environment very well. Especially about the concept of life that Finns are, it is so worth learning. Read more about useful Finland Facts. 

5. What would you love to recommend in Finland?
Feel the tranquility of Finland's traditional vacation. In winter or summer, you can find a Finnish wooden house with sauna, live in the forest with your family, swim in summer and ski in winter. You can have a glass of iced blueberry juice around the fire. Discover a beautiful Now/here sauna experience! 

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