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Influencer Nono recommends: Experience Finland slowly

Nono is a global traveler and she leads the Travelling Lifestyle of We Media. She shares her discoveries from Finland with us. 

The weirdest thing I experienced: Finnish elk are beautiful, and they are not afraid of people, just like intelligent mythical animals in fairy tales. Also, a good variety of Japanese food can be found in Finland, with nice tastes and relatively cheap price.

The most touching thing: A lot of people said that Nordic people are very serious, but Finnish are actually quite enthusiastic with a helping heart. The same thing happened many times in Finland that I was asked if I needed help if I could not find a destination, etc.

What surprised me is that in Finland Alipay can be used in many places.

How did Finland make me feel: Finland is a great place for a slow-paced holiday experience. There are a variety of churches and creative designer shops there, visitors can experience various kinds of outdoor sports and taste delicious fish and nice wine. It is worth to experience Finland slowly.

What I want to recommend for you guys to do, is try and take a Finnish sauna and make sure to make time and visit Santa Claus. What’s more, go shopping in Helsinki’s shopping malls when there are promotions. Well-known cosmetic brands usually have consumer-friendly discounts going on. Keep your eyes open for Finnish design as well!

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