Influencer Ludo

Influencer Ludo Fell for the Polar Day and Amos Rex

Ludo is a travel and lifestyle brand. He puts emphasis on discovering beauty, novelty and fun aspects along the journey.

Ludo’s concept is “traveling is living”: stay longer, enjoy slower. Ludo shares his Finland gems with us. 

The weirdest thing I experienced in Finland: The sun which was observable at midnight. And the polar day during summer time between July and August in Lapland, in the north of Finland. Try Hiking under the Midnight Sun or the Midnight Sun Photography Tour

What surprised me was a super cool project launched to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence in 2017: a piece of music was composed based on DNA gathered around Finland.

How was my time in Finland: Finland is a great destination for in-depth traveling and exploring. It is worth taking a slow stroll for the urban culture of Helsinki or the natural scenery of the Lakeland area.

I would love to recommend to you guys Amos Rex, the newest museum in Helsinki: it is so cool how it merges with the city in an organic way instead of occupying a separate single place. It utilized the existing space and twisted it to such a magnificent space that completely beyond imagination. Explore more of the Now/here Helsinki experiences! 

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