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Helsinki, No Filter

Helsinki is an exquisite hotspot and hub of creativity and unforgettable encounters. 

In Helsinki you can be your true self.

Helsinki is a fascinating secret pocket between the east and the west. Helsinki is now more happening than ever, yet it’s quietness is breathtaking and mesmerizing. Helsinki is a unique mixture of urban and natural; it is both very much open for new vibes and influences and at the same time so safe, homey and cozy in its kind-hearted core.

In Helsinki you can be your true self, no filters needed. An excellent way to do a quick deep dive to the Finnish mentality and identity is to try one of the several public saunas located around the city. You’ll never know who you’ll meet there sitting next to you. You might also encounter our former president doing her grocery shopping in the Hakaniemi Market Hall or a mayor Nordic walking briskly past you. Helsinki is about encounters, trust, people and living a good life.

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What you’ll love in Helsinki is that it is so compact. You can walk from one place to another, take the yellow city bike or use the public transportation for example to go berry picking in the Central Park (!). And talking about Central Park, nature is always incredible close by here. We have 130 km of shoreline, a gorgeous archipelago and countless green areas and spots. The sea and the magical light change the scenery and the color palette every day and this gives Helsinki 365 unique seasons.

Helsinki is a new venture, an adventure, a hotspot for creativity and collective culture. Take it in with all your senses, and something inside you will move for good.

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