Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Experience Finland's versatile Capital Area with beautiful and bustling Helsinki, multifaceted Vantaa and verdant Espoo. There's a bunch to see, do and experience!  

Mushroom picking in the forest right in the middle of the city, island hopping in the gorgeous archipelago, discovering unique architectural gems and bathing in a beautiful wooden public sauna and oasis of urban culture right by the market square. Helsinki lives, breathes and bubbles throughout the year. Helsinki and the metropol area offers you the purest Nordic cuisine, purifying sauna experiences, local treats, cozy market halls, minimalist Scandinavian design and of course a gorgeous shoreline.  

The Helsinki Metropol Area includes the nearby cities of Espoo and Vantaa. In Espoo you can enjoy beautiful islands, a gorgeous coastline, a bunch of activities and the tranquil peace and quiet in the Nuuksio Nature Park. Vantaa is located right next to Helsinki. When you arrive to Finland you will land in Vantaa. Vantaa is located right next to Helsinki. When you arrive to Finland you’ll land at the airport in Vantaa. Vantaa offers for example the fascinating Fazer Visitor's Centre and Heureka Science Center, good outlet shopping opportunities and peaceful nature.  

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a bubbly, edgy and intriguing city by the sea. Helsinki is such a green city with verdant parks, forests (yes), the beautiful coastline and countless islands both big and tiny. Nature is always very close by here. It’s almost like you are wrapped in a green and soothing hug. Can you imagine that a third of Helsinki is covered in green areas? That’s a lot of green. You can’t escape it and you really wouldn’t want to. Helsinki has a recharging effect.  

Helsinki bursts with Scandinavian design, beautiful architecture and a vibrant culture offering. For example, the brave new Amos Rex museum offers captivating, experimental and ambitious art served to you in a refreshing way. The museum will surprise you above and beneath the ground, for sure. Read more about the different Now/here themes.  

Finland is well-known for its functional, stylish and timeless design. Helsinki has a lively and powerful design scene with its Design District, Design Week, galleries, workshops and boutiques selling design items from interior textiles to glassware. Helsinki’s architecture exudes vibes of Modernism (for example the Finlandia Talo concert hall by the Töölö bay), National Romanticism (the beautiful railway station), wooden architecture and functionalism.   

Discover the Now/here experiences in the Helsinki Metropolitan area! 

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