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Finland Facts

Finland is a beautiful hidden gem far up in the North. We have collected useful facts about Finland for you: have a look before you start your unforgettable trip to the Nordics.  

What are the Nordics?

The Nordics are the Nordic Countries, is a geographical and cultural region in North Europe. The Nordics include Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland as well as Greenland and the Faroe Islands. All the five Nordic countries have their own language, but you’ll manage very well with English. 

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How can I get there?

When you travel to Finland, you’ll very likely arrive at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Our flag carrier Finnair flies from Helsinki to over 100 destinations in Finland, Europe, Asia and North America. And when in Finland, you can take an internal flight from Helsinki-Vantaa to for example Kittilä and Ivalo in Lapland, in the North of Finland. Also, the transportation by rail, road and water work like charm, very conveniently and punctually. If you are travelling from the southern parts of our long country to Lapland, keep in mind also the night train option, which is an experience in itself. And for shorter distances within a city you can opt for a city bike or even skis!  

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Is Finland safe?

Yes, Finland is very safe. Often if someone loses a credit card, phone or wallet, a kind person will return it to the police station or the nearest Lost & Found and the precious item will find its way back to the original owner. Of course, it’s good to exercise normal caution for example in the metro and nightlife of the capital Helsinki, but generally speaking Finland is a super safe country.

Can I drink tap water in Finland? And how is the air quality?

Oh yes, you can! We have such tasty water! Did you know that Finland and especially Lapland has the cleanest air in the world? Breathing in the clean and crystal-clear air has a bunch of great health effects, such as: clean air reduces the risk of heart attacks, improves digestion and helps you think clearly. So, if you want to do yourself a healthy favor, you’ll come to Lapland and take deep breaths of our award-winning air! 

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What to do in case of emergency?

In case of a real emergency dial the emergency number 112. You can call the number free of charge from any phone with no need for an area code. The same emergency number 112 works in all EU countries.

In more mild incidents, in case you are in a bit of a pickle, for example if you get a bit lost, you can ask for help and direction from a local. 

How can I pay in Finland?

The currency in Finland is Euro. The common credit cards (Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club, Eurocard and Master Card) are accepted in hotels, restaurants, taxis, shops and department stores.

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Why should I travel to Finland?

There are if not a zillion then at least hundreds of beautiful reasons to travel to Finland. Here’s one top 10: 

1. The gorgeous and luminous midnight sun which makes everything around you bathe in light.

2. The stunning aurora borealis dancing on the arctic sky. 

3. Fazer Blue Chocolate. Best. Chocolate. Ever. 

4. The traditional Finnish sauna and

5. a dip in the lake, year-round. 

6. Eating fresh and juicy berries directly from the nature’s own supermarket, the forest. 

7. A husky safari in the snowy winter wonderland of Lapland 

8.  Hiking in tranquility in one of our gorgeous national parks and breathing in the cleanest air in the world. 

9. Ice floating (read more about this arctic thrill here). 

10. Meeting Santa. 

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