Experience Gorgeous Northern Lights in Finland

The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, or fox fires paint the sky with stunning and magical shades of green, turquoise, ultraviolet, pink and light blue.
The Northern Lights are a magical natural phenomenon. They dance on the sky in an enchanting way. Read our aurora guide and learn the essentials of the captivating spectacle on the Arctic sky. 


What is the best time to see the northern lights?

The northern lights are a natural phenomenon and there is always a certain amount of unpredictability associated with spotting them. The Northern lights appear at high latitudes on cold dark nights. The aurora season in Finnish Lapland spans from the last days of August to early March.  The Northern Lights appear on average every other night. And so that you wouldn’t sleep through the spectacular nocturnal show, many accommodations have alarms which will wake you when the auroras appear.

What are the best places to see the northern lights?

Finnish Lapland is one of the best places to spot and admire the Northern lights. The further up north you go, the better are your chances of spotting them. You can admire the polar lights in the middle of the tranquil nature or while lying in bed in a private luxury cabin which has a glass-ceiling.

Why are the auroras called “Fox Fires” in Finland?

In Finnish the auroras are called Revontulet and the direct translation of this unique word is Fox fires. In the myths the northern lights were created when the arctic foxes ran across the tundra and as their tails hit the snow, spark emitted. This is a mythical explanation but there definitely is a trifle of magic in this arctic spectacle. 



How can I experience the Northern Lights with Now/here?

We offer a bunch of beautiful handpicked experiences where you’ll have a good chance to admire the northern lights. Here are a few unforgettable suggestions from tour wide selection: 

In Aurora Ice Floating you’ll dip yourself into a frozen lake under the Auroras and let your mind and body float. You'll be wearing rescue suit that covers your whole body and keeps you dry. This is a purely unique way to marvel at the magnificent northern lights. 

The Aurora Borealis Adventure is a hunt for the Northern Lights which will take you outside the Rovaniemi city lights. Following the riverside road north, the ride will get you to the best spot to see the Northern Lights. But remember to be patient, as the auroras love playing hide-and-seek. You never know when they will show up! While waiting for nature's own theatrical performance you'll fry sausages surrounded by the great aroma of the open fire.

The Aurora Borealis Picnic combines an atmospheric Lappish picnic with observing the Northern sky and the auroras which will hopefully appear. Our location on the Arctic Circle gives us the best possibilities to try and see the magnificent Northern Lights. Our guide will drive you out of the city to reach the perfects spots, which will offer us the best open sky vision.


How can I capture the northern lights in awesome photos?

With our Capturing Auroras products you’ll learn the basics of photographing the magnificent Aurora Borealis. Our expert guide will walk you through the settings of your camera and give helpful tips while the auroras might be blazing in the sky. Our guide will help you set the cameras ready so that everyone is ready to start shooting once the auroras present themselves.