Arctic Flavors

Discover Arctic Flavors

We have squeaky bread cheese, luscious blueberry pie, rye bread, new potatoes, skillful & wrinkled Karelian pastries,
rich salmon soup and fantastic mushroom and game dishes. And the world’s best gin of course!

Finnish cuisine offers treats throughout the year. We start the year with the hearty blini season and delicious Shrove buns. As the summer arrives the market stalls get filled with fresh yummy things such as the sugar peas, lush strawberries and new potatoes. The atmospheric autumn evenings bring the crayfish parties and the hunting season offers game meat for rich stews, casseroles and hotpots.

In Finland the forest is our supermarket and horn of plenty. The Finnish Forrest offers a plethora of super healthy berries, mushrooms and game meet. When your tummy is full of these amazing arctic superfoods it’s very easy to be happy and content.

The taste of Helsinki  

When it comes to Helsinki’s flavors, we have it all, from plentiful and colorful weekend brunches and genuine market hall delicacies to modern Finnish restaurants and hotspots serving stylish Nordic cuisine. Helsinki is a heaven and a horn of plenty for foodies across the globe. Helsinki also has an active and tasty street food scene and these days many of the street food vendors also have permanent locations in some of the town’s best places. And what do you get when you combine food with events? Food events! We recommend for example the Taste of Helsinki in June, which takes you on a culinary journey through the rich flavor palette of the city. 

Explore the Arctic flavor experiences in Helsinki! 

Our culinary tips

Next we’ll share our eight favorite culinary tips and gems. But for sure, more is to come! When it comes to food, we have lots to say and share!

Fazer Blue Milk Chocolate Wrapped in blue paper, this is an iconic classic, a national treat. Share it with friends or relish it just by yourself. And whatever you do, make sure that you’ll have enough slabs to take home with you.

Restaurant Juuri in Helsinki. Juuri stands for Root in Finnish. Juuri is all about authentic flavours, wanton passion, wild herbs, crazy ideas and love for artisan produce. Try the sapas portions: order several of them and share them with your friends. Address: Korkeavuorenkatu 27, 00130 Helsinki

Rye bread is the cornerstone of the Finnish diet. Made of sourdough, rye bread is straightforward just like the Finnish mentality. Enjoy it fresh with some butter: a heavenly combo.

Napue gin, awarded as the world’s best gin in 2015. Napue is a rye-based gin which boasts fresh botanicals, including sea buckthorn, cranberries and birch leaves. You might be able to recognize the unique fragrance and flavor of a misty Finnish meadow.

Runeberg’s pastry Our famous pastry named after the Finnish poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg. The pastry has a ring of icing and raspberry jam on top and its flavored with almonds and rum. Be on the lookout, since the season for this tempting treat is limited: it begins in late Jan and ends in Runeberg’s day on February 5th. If you want to bond with a Finn, you can start a conversation about which pastry is the best.

Market hall treats Do you just love market halls as well? Helsinki’s Old Market Hall by the harbor offers for example a popular soup restaurant, a deli specializing in high quality food products such as vinegars and duck legs and a cheese-lovers heaven. The Market Hall in Tampere is both atmospheric and cozy and among many other things, offers the local delicacy, the black sausage.

Arctic fishing Try one of our beautiful arctic fishing experiences. You’ll learn to catch our dinner yourself from the river or the lake and then prepare a delicious meal from it. How about  one of the following: Fly Fishing for Salmon Adventure24 Hour Salmon Fishing or Ice Fishing – Finnish Meditation

Karelian pastry A skilled masterpiece with a rye crust and soft rice porridge inside. Often served with egg butter. The pastry originates from East Finland.