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Bucket List Finland

Do you just love bucket lists? Both creating them while dreaming of the future travel destination and ticking the boxes item by item once you are at the destination.

Here’s our Bucket list number 1 for Finland for you to get the full experience.

There’s absolutely no need to limit yourself to only one bucket list, but instead you can create an exciting one for each new journey. Here’s our Bucket list number 1 for Finland for you to get the full experience. 

Enjoy an oven-warm korvapuusti (cinnamon bun) with a glass of cold milk after a brisk & fun toboggan ride in wintry February. We Finns love our pulla (bun): when you are holding a warm bun in your hand, you feel good, happy and safe.


#2 Try the addictive combo of a warm Finnish sauna and a dip in the freezing lake. It is both horrible and fantastic at the same time. When you step out of the lake you’ll feel like a thousand small thin needles are tingling on your skin. Sauna is in the core of Finnish soul scape and national culture and you can’t leave Finland without experiencing it. Read more about the importance of sauna and get our best sauna tips!  

#3 Admire the Northern lights, the Aurora Borealis dancing on the Northern sky. Finland is one of the best places in the world to spot this spectacular wonder of nature. Lay back in a glass igloo or a glass roofed cabin and admire the sky flaming in the stunning shades of green, purple, turquoise and blue. Many accommodations focusing on the aurora experience have a night time alert once the spectacular show starts, so you won’t sleep through it all. Explore our beautiful Aurora products such as Aurora Ice Floating and Aurora Borealis Picnic

#4 Enjoy the speed and thrill of a husky safari: ride through gorgeous Lappish landscapes in a sled pulled by active and happy huskies. We also provide meditation with huskies, which is a unique furry experience. You can also try the unforgettable experience of Arctic Mindfulness with Huskies

#5 Catch big white snowflakes with your tongue. It’s both rewarding and fun. It is also captivating to watch the snowflakes float down in the wintry landscape. 

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#6 Feast with fresh Finnish summer treats: juicy strawberries, sweet peas and new potatoes. When we move towards the fall the forest will be full of round berries and several kinds of mushrooms. It’s easy to be happy when your stomach is full of fresh forest treats and game meet. And what’s excellent is that in Finland we have this thing called Jokamiehenoikeus (Everyman’s right) which allows you to pick almost anything you desire from the forest.

#7 Walk, hike and enjoy the silence in one of our many natural parks. Breathe in the cleanest air in the world and drink crystal clear water from a cold fell stream. We have altogether 40 national parks in Finland and they are scattered around our long and beautiful country. Explore for example the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park in Lapland, the Oulanka National Park in Northern Ostrobothnia and Nuuksio in the capital area in Southern Finland. Experience the beautiful combination of fresh air and a scenic hike in Levi. 

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#8 Take the big yellow ferry to the archipelago. The Finnish archipelago offers gorgeous gems such as the idyllic Högsåra in Kimitöön Island and the handsome Bengtskär Light House standing on the rocks in the middle of the mighty sea.

#9 Enjoy the silence. And not only deep in the woods but also in the public transportation, especially when it comes to the person sitting next to you. We Finns are famous for being curiously silent in the bus or tram. So, don’t feel pressured to engage in small talk, but on the other hand if you do, you might be surprised (how exactly, will remain a surprise). Check out also this mindfulness-like arctic experience.  

#10 Visit a market hall and enjoy a savory and rich fish soup lunch. The Tampere Market Hall is a classic with its cozy and lively ambience and the tempting stalls selling fresh ingredients and handmade artisan chocolates. 

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