FinnishAutumn 1


The color palette of the Finnish autumn shines in the gorgeous tones of red, yellow, orange, purple, green and brown.

The ruska season, the autumn foliage, refers to the time when the leaves of the trees change color to various stunning color combinations. Crisp autumn mornings, the color splendor of the fall foliage, a wedge of cranes crossing the bright blue sky and the golden glow of the sunrays: there is beautiful magic in the Finnish autumn.  

The autumn, especially September-October, is a great time to go hiking in the fells of Lapland. Trek the fells and at the same time enjoy the view that has been painted in bright and deep colors with a big brush. Autumn evenings are also the prime time for enjoying the color galore of the aurora borealis.   
Autumn with its chilly evenings is also an excellent time for curling up in front of the fireplace with your woolen socks, a warm throw, a thick novel and a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Enjoy the Nordic coziness for example in an atmospheric log cabin.   
August and the autumn months turn the Finnish forest into a delicious box of treasures with the all the mushrooms and round berries just waiting to be picked. Dive into the forest with the hummocks of yellow chanterelles and chubby porcini and gather your own super healthy wild food. But, beware, not all the mushrooms are edible so take a wilderness guide with you to the woods or then investigate the catch with a mushroom expert.  
Did you know that in Finland we have a thing called everyman’s right which allows you to pick treats from the forest (food products) completely free of charge?