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Now/here is a unique travel experience store.

Now/here is a unique online travel experience store. We offer the best Nordic travel gems in one place, on one platform. We’ve handpicked each product in our selection to offer you the most moving and memorable travel experience ever. We are selling not only high-quality activities and accommodations, but also Nordic happiness. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? 

Best trips are those where you laugh so much your stomach starts to hurt a bit, you get goose bumps for seeing something so very beautiful (the mesmerizing auroras dancing on the clear Arctic sky) and you feel both a thrilling adrenaline rush (a dip into an icy lake) and perfect relaxation and bliss (the soothing heat of a Finnish sauna). We’ll offer all this and much more, a perfect combo of weirdness, wellbeing, thrill, arctic vibes and first and foremost our nature which is just crazily beautiful.

Who is behind Now/here? We are a start-up minded bunch within Finnair who is passionate about travel and creative digital solutions. We want to build something big and beautiful – with the aim to shake and shuffle the travel industry a bit.

We’ll offer you the best bear watching safaris, ice fishing spots, sauna culture experiences and urban Nordic hotspots. Hop aboard, the adventure ride is about to start!  

The responsible tour operator for Now/here trips is Oy Aurinkomatkat – Suntours Ltd Ab (later Aurinkomatkat).

Aurinkomatkat was established in 1963, and it is part of the Finnair Group. Now/here is an auxiliary firm name of Aurinkomatkat. Aurinkomatkat has also an auxiliary firm name of Finnair Holidays and a subsidiary Aurinko Oü in Estonia.

The turnover of Aurinkomatkat in 2018 was EUR 212 million. 237 000 people used Aurinkomatkat travel services in 2018. The company's share in the Finnish market was 27 percent. Aurinkomatkat Oy employed last year 172 people, of whom 70 worked in holiday destinations abroad. The CEO of Aurinkomatkat is Timo Kousa.

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