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Now/here offers everything you need for a memorable and sustainable holiday: unique handpicked experiences, high-quality accommodations and direct flights to the Nordic countries.

Now/here is powered by Finnair. Finnair is a network airline specialized in flying between Europe and Asia along the shorter northern route.

Finnair takes continuous steps towards sustainability for example through the following ways: 

  •  Direct route and smooth and fast connection from Helsinki to Asia: Finnair’s home base is Helsinki and thanks to the Nordic location Finnair is able to take the short and direct route between Europe and Asia and thus consume less fuel. 
  • Finnair's fleet is one the most modern in Europe, and because of it we produce less emissions and can offer you even better travel comfort on our flights. The Finnair fleet consists of over 70 aircraft, most of which are Airbuses. Flying with a modern fleet is also a key factor in reducing noise levels. 
  • Cutting down carbon dioxide emissions

Finnair also pays special attention to minimizing the empty weight of the aircraft by using lightweight materials and new technology.

Finnair is one of the world’s oldest operating airlines and a strong and respected member of the international airline industry.

The blue and white wings will take you on an unforgettable journey in the Nordics! 

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