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From Sunrise to Sunset with Snowshoes

5 h
from 129 €
Arctic winter day is not long, but it is so beautiful. Come and spend a whole day in Riisitunturi National Park!
In midwinter the sun just bounces on the horizon. In January days are slowly getting longer and we get 5-8 minutes more daylight every day. We start our adventure to Riisitunturi National Park early enough to see the pastel colors of arctic sunrise. When the sun is above the horizon we don't need head lamps anymore and can admire the magical landscape in that special winter light. 

In February the day is already so long that you can join our regular snowshoeing tour to Riisitunturi. After 22.12. the polar night is getting shorter and days get longer. On the summit we'll see the sunrise at 10:42 and sunset at 13:20. Daylight lasts only 2,5 hours. Quite a unique experience, isn't it?

We'll wander around with snowshoes, follow trails and also find our trails through deep snow, get to know the nature and stories of Riisitunturi and enjoy a trail meal and hot berry juice by the campfire. For every campfire we make, we also plant a tree somewhere in the world. It is already dusk when we start heading back and the stars start to light up. 

Duration is 5-6 hours including transfers from Ruka and length with snowshoes is 4-6 km depending on group's wishes. The route is moderately easy and suitable for everyone who is able to walk the same distance. The activity will be normally arranged when a minimum of 2 adults are attending.

Quick facts

  • From Sunrise to Sunset with Snowshoes
  • Ruka and Kuusamo, Lapland, Finland
  • 5 h
  • 23 Jan 2020 - 26 Feb 2021
  • Winter
  • English
  • Arctic Flavours, Sweat & Adrenaline, Wellbeing & Nature
Price from: 129

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Ruka and Kuusamo

Lapland, Finland

Ruka and Kuusamo are known for their ski slopes and cross-country skiing trails which pamper the winter enthusiast and of the powerful and pure nature. The ski season lasts for more than half of the year and in Ruka there’s a lot of snow. The gems of Ruka area include the Oulanka National Park, Ruka Ski Resort, countless activities from husky rides to bear watching excursions and fishing in Lake Pyhäjärvi. Kuusamo has its own airport.  

Address: Patoniementie ,

Detailed Information

guide services; tranfers from Ruka; snowshoes or skinbased skis (OAC Kar) and poles; warm crowberry juice and nettle pancakes by the fire (Please inform special diets at the time of booking); 1 tree; liability insurance
Riisitunturi parking lot
Traveling in the destination area is not completely unobstructed depending on reduced mobility or other disability. Please contact our customer care if needed and read more.
You need your own outdoor clothing and boots which are suitable for current weather. Backpack and water bottle/thermos. If you need to borrow from us, just let us know beforehand.

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