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Healing Nature Trip

from 65 €
Feel the power of healing nature.
Finland is covered with forests by 70 % of the land. The magical vast forests take their toll if you get lost, but also save your life. The air in Lapland is the cleanest in the entire world. The molecules emitted by trees are like drugs that do miracles for your health.

Pihka in Finnish means the sap of conifers. Trees use it to protect and heal themselves, it is full of antimicrobial substances. We want to heal you, back to life!

The Healing Nature trip heads to the silent forest for a mindful walk. At a secret spot, you will take a relaxing break in the comforting swing of a hammock. Feel the forest with all your senses. In the wilderness you'll drop all your worries. Open your heart and breathe in the magic! We will enjoy some healing chaga tea and snacks, before walking back in total silence.

Transportation is included. Pick up from your accommodation at 10 a.m. and drop off to the same place at around 13 p.m.

Quick facts

  • Healing Nature Trip
  • Levi, Lapland, Finland
  • 26 Sep 2019 - 06 Aug 2021
  • Autumn, summer
  • English, Finnish
  • Wellbeing & Nature
Price from: 65

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Lapland, Finland

Levi is a real year-round holiday resort. The proximity of the Kittilä airport, a compact and cozy village center with plenty of services, countless year-round activities, culinary delights, quality entertainment and pampering make Levi for an excellent holiday destination. The beautiful Lappish nature is always there in your backyard. In addition to the winter activities, Levi offers beautiful summertime experiences in mesmerizing fell landscapes.   


Detailed Information

Pihka Outdoors provides transportation from Kittilä or Kolari, snacks and drinks.
Traveling in the destination area is not completely unobstructed depending on reduced mobility or other disability.Please contact our customer care if needed and read more.
We will walk a couple of kilometers. Good walking shoes are recommended, although you can try and walk barefoot if you like (it is healthy for you!). Also, bring weatherproof clothing.

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