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Countryside Resort Iloranta

Space and silence, forests and lakes, activities and tranquility. Iloranta has all this and more. Step outside and listen: hear nothing and everything at the same time. This is Finnish nature, something that must be experienced, not just explained. Welcome to the Countryside Resort Iloranta.
Iloranta – literally ”shore of joy” – is the oldest farm tourism destination in Finland, making guests feel welcome and turning strangers into friends since the 1930s. We are a family business and happy to make you feel like a local when you visit us.

Iloranta is located in the Häme region, the heartland of Finland. In less than 1,5 hours from the Helsinki airport you will find the farm, overlooking a lake, surrounded by pristine woods. For ancient Finns forest was a shelter and a temple, a source of food and healing. Today, a walk among these spruces and pines still functions as instant stress relief. The nature therapy of shinrin-yoku, healing walks in the woods, may have been invented here ages ago as it is hard to imagine a better place for forest bathing than this Nordic haven.

Here tradition meets modern. Our food is homemade, based on traditional recipes with today’s twist, and mostly made of fresh and tasty local, organic ingredients. And even though our oldest buildings date back centuries, your accommodation can be hotel standard. Our rooms are cosy and functional, like Finnish homes.

Finland has four distinct seasons, and so does Iloranta. The summer nights are full of light, the starry winter nights simply magical. The tranquility is always present, but you will find a very different scenery and enjoy different activities depending on when you arrive and how much time you have to spend with us.

You can concentrate on well-being and relaxation or more physical activities – or enjoy a nice combination of both. Hike on our nature trail, go night fishing or crabbing, enjoy campfire lunch in the woods, learn to bake your own rye bread, and cleanse your body and mind in traditional smoke sauna. In summer you can relax on the sandy beach, in winter take a stroll on the frozen lake or – if you are feeling brave – try out ice swimming.

Iloranta is the perfect place to find out why Finland keeps getting top scores in things like safety, well-being and happiness. Welcome, see you soon!

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