Happiness, well-being and balance? Or maybe adrenaline filled outdoor adventures? Or perhaps pure arctic flavours which pamper the palate. Explore the themes and find your hand-picked experience

Fundaments of Nordic Lifestyle

/LIKE A LOCALFundaments of Nordic Lifestyle

You must be a bit out of the ordinary to live at the arctic circle. We go ice swimming in the frozen lake, spend hours in saunas, love to sleep in wooden cabins in the middle of the forest, drink a lot of coffee and eat this squeaky cheese and salty licorice as our national treats. Dive into the local way of life: while in Helsinki, start your day at the number one breakfast hot spot Kuuma (the name literally means hot).


Taste of the North

/ARCTIC FLAVOURSTaste of the North

The Finnish forest is a treasure box filled with such nutritious ingredients. Depending on the season you’ll find blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, cranberries as well as a variety of different mushrooms. Every man’s right allows you to pick these heavenly treats fully free of charge. In autumn we will prepare together a delicious blueberry pie from the berries we have picked ourselves. 


Health from Wilderness

/WELLBEING & NATUREHealth from Wilderness

Nordic happiness is a mixture of nature, wellbeing, peace and time. Feel the purifying power of the forest and silence, enjoy relaxing sauna treatments and feel the presence of nature with all your senses. The forest is our sanctuary. Yoga under the midnight sun, spa treatments with ingredients found from the nature and gathering your own super foods straight from the woods. 


Design & City Life

/NORDIC URBANDesign & City Life

A plunge into contemporary Nordics offers something for all senses. Immerse yourself in the urban arctic lifestyle! Whether it’s Scandinavian design classics, pure Nordic tastes, mesmerizing culture experiences, romantic spots or shopping for some quality items that you’re craving for, Helsinki offers it all!


Re-defining Luxury

/NEW NORDIC PREMIUMRe-defining Luxury

It isn't about bling bling anymore. We are re-defining luxury, and it means peace, feeling good and time for yourself and with your darling ones. You can experience this for instance in urban retreats, in the spas of the luxury hotels in Helsinki. And alike, you can experience a tranquilizing retreat in a private cabin in the wilderness. The new luxury can also be a gorgeous sunset shared with your loved one on a small island in the Helsinki archipelago.


Arctic nature activities

/SWEAT & ADRENALINEArctic nature activities

Feel the fantastic adrenaline rush in the middle of a gorgeous nature setting. Fat biking, canoeing, rafting, trekking, skiing and bear watching: choose your favorite or challenge yourself with a fully new experience! There’s nothing better than working out in the middle of the stunning nature. Let the nature challenge and mesmerize you with its steep ascents, long beautiful skiing routes and curly paths.


Stop-over in Helsinki

/SHORT & SWEETStop-over in Helsinki

Experience up to 5 days of northern happiness while travelling between Asia and Europe. Capital of Finland is a unique combo of verdant nature and bubbling city life. You can opt for spending you whole stopover exploring Helsinki, the capital of Finland which lives and pulsates throughout the year.